Equipment List

Equipment List


Be prepared for all kinds of extreme weather conditions. Clothing will be in rough shape by the end of the summer!
Rain gear – pants, jacket with hood or hat
Sun hat – something with a peak or brim
Loose, light-colored clothing
Lots of socks
Good work boots, caulks are a definite asset
Wet weather boots – rubber caulked boots are suggested
3 -4 pairs tree planting gloves (more may be necessary in wet weather)
A pair of running shoes for the “Boots Off” dining room

Personal Items

Day pack
Eating utensils – plate, cup, bowl, knife, fork, spoon
4-5 litre water jug
Chap stick, sun screen, and hand lotion
Insect repellent
Lawn chair – nice, but not necessary
Personal first aid supplies – band aids, moleskin, etc…
Watch and alarm clock
Flashlight or lantern
Enough money to get you through the first 3 weeks
Duct tape is a MUST HAVE
Personal record book in order to keep your own tally record
Gas can, if you have a vehicle

Covid Preparedness

Extra clothing
Fishing gear
Solar charging station
Extra batteries


Good tent, trailer, camper, or van
Warm sleeping bag is a must!
Ground sheet, tarp, foamie, or cot

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